Merry Grinchmas Bandana - Size 1 & 2


Smiling grinch face with the words Merry GRINCH mas on plain black bandana bib wih black fleece and stitching

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 Size 1 Dribble Bibs for Children – Suitable for children around 5 - 10 years old Neck Circumference: 37cm – 40cm - Length: 16cm (from front of neck to point) - Width (at widest point) 18cm

 Size 2 - Suitable for children, teenagers & young adults Neck Circumference: 39-42cm - Length: 22cm (from front of neck to point) - Width (at widest point) - 26cm

 See the seperate listing to order in a Size 3 or 4

Our dribble bibs are perfect for anyone who have drooling or dribbling difficulties. They will keep the wearersclothes dry and will stop irritation, discomfort and soreness from their skin being wet. The dribble bibs fasten securely at the back with 2 poppers meaning that they can also be tightened or loosened depending on how you want the bib to fit.

All our bandana bibs are made from high quality 100% cotton fabric and with a lovely soft fleece backing.


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