Jungle Fever Bandana Bib - Size 2


Jungle Fever Leaopard Print Bandana Bib

Size 2 is a larger bandana bib, suitable for children of about 8 years - teens/young adult. 

Measurements are length 22cm, width 26cm, neck 39-42cm.

I would just like to congratulate you on your new look site, it’s amazing and very bright and colourful. I have ordered many bibbles from you and I am an extremely happy costumer. my 3 year old son has downs syndrome and dribbles terrible, he has done since around 10 months old. bibbles have been a life saver, they keep the washing pile down and he looks extra trendy in them too!!! I always have people asking me where i get them from and always praise you guys from the roof tops! thankyou so much for such a great product!!!!!!               Carly Fowler

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